About the Plan

The Town of Jamestown has launched their Comprehensive Plan process – Envision Jamestown. The Town Council has appointed a Steering Committee made up of citizen volunteers to help guide the process and act as a liaison between the community, Town staff and the Town Council.

The Comprehensive Plan is an important tool that is utilized by Jamestown’s elected and appointed officials, serving as the primary policy guide for land use, development, capital investments, and growth management decisions for years to come, with clearly stated goals and strategies that prioritize actions for implementation by both the public and private sectors.


Draft Envision Jamestown Comprehensive Plan

On September 7th, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee endorsed forwarding the draft Envision Jamestown Comprehensive Plan to the Planning Board for its review and consideration. The Planning Board is currently scheduled to hold a hearing on the draft plan at its next meeting on September 20th. The current draft of the plan can be downloaded from the link below:

Click Here to Download the Draft Envision Jamestown Comprehensive Plan